Fun Facts!



· We have 5 sizes of washers from 20 pounds (2 loads) up to 100 pounds (10 loads), the largest in the Wichita area. 

· The larger the washer used, the lower the cost per load.

· All cycles are 1 wash and 2 rinses except ‘Heavy’ which is 2 washes and 3 rinses for an additional 75c.

· The extract segment (final spin) is a whopping 200g’s!  That’s why your laundry is only damp and not dripping wet when it comes out, and helps it dry so quickly.

· Top load commercial washers are rated for only 12 to 17 pounds of laundry and do not clean as well as front load washers.

· Things you may have never thought about washing in a commercial washing machine: Bed pillows, futons, mattress toppers, duvets, pet bedding, sleeping bags, and lawn furniture cushions. 

· Borrow our mesh bags for your shoes, ball caps, etc.



· We have 3 sizes of dryers which all run for 30 minutes, from 30 pounds to 75 pounds, the largest in the Wichita area. 

· Our dryer temperatures are HIGH 180 F, MEDIUM 170 F, LOW 160 F, and DELICATE 130 F. These are high enough that, when combined with our 30 minute run time, kill bedbugs and their eggs.

· An additional 25c before the dryer stops will add 5 minutes.

· Dryer lint screens are cleaned daily.

· Our dryers all have stainless steel drums (not galvanized like other laundromats). Your laundry won’t have that burnt smell after drying.

REWARDS PROGRAM (Speed Queen App users only)


· Spend $20 on washers or dryers and receive $1 free bonus credit!

· The Laundry Station is the first privately owned laundromat to open using the Speed Queen app. We are very grateful to Alliance Laundry Systems for that honor!



· Connect to network ‘TheLaundryStationGuest’ and check in ith Facebook or ask an attendant for the current passcode.



· Receive a free yellow laundry bag with your first order.

· Most orders are ready for pickup in 3 hours.

· Bring back your hangers from previous orders and receive a 5 cent per hanger discount on your current order.


· Use Credit / Debit Cards For ALL Machines (Even without a smartphone! See attendant for payment.)
· ATM 
· Bill Changer
· Clean, Safe, Family Friendly
· Two Handicap Accessible Restrooms 
· Friendly, Helpful Attendants Always Available 
· Air Conditioned
· 55” Televisions 
· Snack & Pop Machines 
· Laundry Bags & Supplies Available
· Zero Entry  
· Automatic Doors 
· iPad Kiosks With Apps For Children (coming soon) 

The Laundry Station in Wichita